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It's that time of year when we are all hustling to get that Summer bod ready!! When I opened this store my health and body definitely went to the back burner. I have been inspired by many of your stories about recent fitness goals! I have watched many of you run a 5K for the first time and now have signed up for 5 more races!! Also total lifestyle changes. For example, a dear friend of mine has changed the way and types of food she eats. She looks and feels great! (She even passed up a delicious cupcake last night)  

I have decided to make some changes of my own! My husband has been doing Crossfit for quite some time now. Well about 6 weeks ago I decided to jump in, then Gavin my 13 year old son started! I love it! We attend a Crossfit Gym in Sulphur Springs, TX.  

The owners are amazing people as well as all of our fellow athletes! Everybody is supporting and cheering one another on! Their motto is #bebetter Coach Christy, Coach John, and Coach Kiffer will get you there! We attend Mon, Wed, & Fri at 5:30pm I would love to see you there. They have several time slots available and Sat @ 9am is always a free community WOD. 

Click here to checkout Mach 3 Crossfit!

Now back to you guys!! Please share with me your goals for fitness and health this year. I would LOVE to hear them! I feel the key to being successful is to first believe in yourself and secondly have a great support system!! 

Until next time!



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  • TOD on

    Gotta get beach ready. Speedos and fireballs!

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