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Community. When I purchased this store I did not realize how much my heart would swell with LOVE from the people who live, work, or attend college here in Commerce, TX. I have made so many friendships over the last few months, that I hope will last a lifetime! I love hearing about your families, trips, career paths, and math classes.

I recently had my official Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on February 11th!! (211) It was a great day! That is also my Husband's Birthday, which is the meaning behind the name Two Eleven. That day meant so much to me. That was when I realized how much support I have from this community!! So many of you came out to celebrate with us! That picture does not do that day justice! There were so many of you there! I am so very grateful for ALL of you! 



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  • Love you and I am super proud of how well it’s going!!

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